Young Ukrainian singer Marietta Ways has participated in the 7th Kyiv International Marathon “Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon”.

Marietta Ways has participated in a 2km Charity race, which this year was totally dedicated to the social project “Fulfill a dream”, initiated by”1 + 1 media” and CF “Krona”. This project meant to fulfill dreams of thousands of seriously ill children, for whom living through another day is a miracle. Mayor of Kiev and three-time heavyweight world champion as a boxer, Vitali Klitschko has opened the race and also took part in it.
“It’s not the first time I support a Charity project, althought – my first marathon. 2 kilometers is a distance anyone can handle. The weather today is a little upsetting , however I’ve covered the distace quite quickly, even outstripped Vitali Klitschko(*laughing)”, – artist has shared her impressions after the marathom.

Marietta has covered the distance in 9:50, reaching the finish line in the second ten of participants. In total, about 600 people were registred in the Charity race.